Nursegrown Organics is the epitome of cannabis therapeutics.  Jessilyn Dolan and Matt Leonetti are

two individuals leading this industry with decades of experience and knowledge, dedicating their

passion to handcrafting the finest, highest-quality, clean, organic cannabis products with consumer

safety, health and well-being in the forefront. 


But, it doesn't stop there!  Jessilyn and Matt created and continue to grow an educational and

supportive network for their consumers.  You're never alone on this journey.


With an exploding hemp industry and very little regulation, there is unfortunately a lot of garbage on

the market when it comes to Full Spectrum Hemp.  Nine out of ten times, today's products are not

what they say they are and are not cracked up to be what their image portrays.  This is why many may feel "let down" when they try a Full Spectrum Hemp product and find that it "doesn't work for them," when in actuality it's the fault of the product.


Nursegrown Organics has seen this time and time again and are fully dedicated to cultivating clean, sun grown cannabis that utilizes only sustainable and responsible farm practices with an emphasis on a healthy living soil.  Describing their products as "organic" is truly an understatement as they have stepped it up not one, but rather multiple levels above what we know as organic.  Nursegrown Organics is Clean Green Certified!  


Clean Green Certification is the largest nationally recognized third party certifying body for cannabis, holding the highest standards for organic practice in the cannabis industry.  Very few hemp companies are implementing these standards, but Nursegrown is leading in this industry.

When healing an already ailing body, you need the safest, highest quality product out there and Nursegrown Organics is it!  Implementing Nursegrown Organics into your life is a game changer!  

If there is company and product that you are going to trust, it's Nursegrown Organics!  Check them out!