About Me

Nothing strikes a chord more than the distress and despair of the parents of an ill child.


I empathize with parents of chronically-ill children who are at their wits end.  Full of grief that refuses to leave.  Living a life that is all-consuming mentally, emotionally, and physically.  On the verge of a breakdown, feeling alone and out of options to control their child’s unpredictable behavior that can be violent, obsessive, destructive, and relentless.  Or the innumerable seizures that no medication seems to help stop, or the child that can’t eat because of chemo.  


I am here to tell you that the journey of hope has just begun.  It’s not a dream, but a real option that is transformative.


Medical cannabis is a gift and hopeful avenue of treatment.  I have witnessed, first hand, the miraculous effects medical cannabis can have on a child’s condition.  Let me share a story.

A 17-year old autistic male was having a tantrum, pacing, yelling with clenched fists in the ER after finding out he was being admitted.  First line drug ordered by the pediatric physician; IV Ativan.  First line treatment ordered by patient’s mother; CBD.  The mother gave her son a CBD tincture and within 20 minutes, a miracle!


The child was lying in bed, calm, smiling and laughing with his parents.  My expression: “priceless.”  Mother’s response: “I swear by CBD.  I don’t care what anyone says or thinks about it.  It’s the only thing that has worked and given my son life.  He has become a person.  He's not a zombie or someone I don't recognize with all of the medications he was taking.  He no longer takes any prescription medications, just the CBD.  It's amazing.”


That was it, this was my journey.


Since that moment, it has become my passion and mission to learn everything I can about medical cannabis, become a certified Medical Cannabis nurse and help as many parents as possible, who are seeking alternative therapies for their child's health that will improve their quality of life. 

Many children with chronic conditions like autism, treatment-resistant seizures, behavioral disorders, advanced cancer and PANDAS are often on a load of medications that are frequently ineffective and create a slew of side effects; one worse than the next. 


Cannabis insinuates and promotes the preexisting self-healing process making this herb the most transformational, restorative, and hopeful medicinal therapy.  You will see a future in your child for the first time.  You will witness their smile, their tranquility, and progressive development.  You will see life!