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Cannabis For Kids 

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Be the story of hope and transformation for your child 


Parents of chronically-ill children with acute episodes often find themselves in a daily battle that is overwhelmingly difficult and restrictive to family life. 


Families feel like they are not getting anywhere with suggested therapies and a load of prescribed medications that often do not work, frequently creating a slew of other side effects, one worse than the next, given just another prescription for another medication. 


Parents fall into the darkest moments of despair, feeling like they’re alone, failing, unheard, and unsure of where to turn to next. 


But, there is somewhere to turn, with a promising resolution; medical cannabis.  With cannabis, you can be the story of hope for your child and finally see their future. 


Cannabis treatment is complex; where to get cannabis, how to use it, the various strains that may help, and how often to take it.  Navigating the complexities of cannabis is a specialty that requires extensive knowledge and this is what I do for my clients.

Is Cannabis Safe?

Cannabis and pediatric illnesses are two complex topics, with a lot of pending questions. 

Is cannabis safe for my child? What strain will work for my child's condition? How do I give it and how frequently? Where do I go for accurate information?

You want accurate information based on current research and a treatment plan that is right for your child and their medical history.

I can provide this expertise in 3 simple steps.

Step 1 - Schedule An Appointment


Make an appointment for your FREE 15-minute consultation to explore if our services are a good fit for you and your child.

Step 2 - Receive An Assessment


During our consultation your child will receive a comprehensive assessment, begin the exploration and consideration of cannabis therapy, as well as put together a targeted care plan to optimize his or her therapy outcomes.

Step 3 - Follow-Up Assessment


We continue to work with you and your child in a follow-up appointment to discuss what therapy or therapies are or are not working. We will revamp your child’s care plan as needed to achieve optimal outcomes.



The Medical Cannabis Nurse for Kids

I’m Vanessa, The Medical Cannabis Nurse for Kids.  My passion and mission are to help chronically-ill children and their families find the quality of life they deserve through cannabis therapy. 

I have spent years in the pediatric ER, encountering children and their families during desperate times, not knowing where else to turn, seeking relief for their child’s violent, destructive behaviors, unrelenting seizures, suffering cancer and much more. 


My approach to cannabis is a collaborative effort with the child’s family, agreeing upon a treatment plan involving safe dosing, appropriate strains, routes of administration, and trusting in the process of finding the right balance with minimal side effects and optimal outcomes.

I know parents can feel alone, with no answers, at their wits end, enduring the most difficult experience, watching their child suffer.  It is my mission to educate and assist your family in making the best decisions for your child regarding cannabis treatment to restore and transform your child’s life.

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